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The Cogent Step App

A Virtual Coach

that gives you

Clear and Logical Steps to Manage Your Business


Can't afford an Executive Coach?

But your business will suffer if you don't get advice now?

While the attention goes to the tech giants, the majority of millionaires are made by small and medium-sized businesses. Daniel Hindi and other industry leaders provide processes and procedures to grow your business just like the tech giants. All at a touch of a button.

Cogent Step is a Vitrutal Coaching app. It is geared towards coaching you through growth, helping diagnose problem areas in your business, and providing proven methods to improve the overall health of your business.

The app will provide:

Easily understandable content to illustrate clear and logical steps for growth

Interactive worksheets to breakdown each process into clear to follow steps

A community of business owners who are facing the same challenges as you

Business Health Dashboard to keep what matters most in the forefront 


Who is Daniel Hindi?

and why you should listen?

Successful serial entrepreneur, patent holder, CEO, CTO, coach, speaker, and technology guru. With over two decades of experience building technology stacks for leading companies across a wide variety of industries. In recent years, a focus has been put on building cutting-edge high tech startups. Taking a concept, developing the idea, architecting the technology, building the company, funding growth to success.

Currently, I am building my 5th successful company, BuildFire. Not only building a World-Class Mobile App building platform but a world-wide top-performing team. Prior to BuildFire, I built a transportation platform Flywheel with my team, akin to Uber for taxis. I bring my extensive experience to all my companies and the companies I consult.

My work has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post,, TechCrunch, Inc., and many others.


Why Did I Create This App?

and why I'm giving away my secrets?

Over two decades of experience, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge as well as my fair share of mistakes. I've dealt with almost every scenario you can think of and have the scars to prove it. 

This is my way of giving back to those who are going through pains I can relate to. This blog is meant to give coaching advice that I wish I had along the way.

Who can benefit from the app?

and do I need to know anything in advance?

Whether you are a technical person or not, all the advice and coaching you will be given here is in plain English.

If you're a business owner trying to hire or manage a team of developers. You can find value here.

If you are technical and want to manage a team of developers. I guarantee you, the answers you need aren't in code.

I will teach you how to understand and motivate, prioritize and execute, plan and reap rewards.


Highlights of some of the companies Daniel Hindi has helped or created.


Need Personalized Assistance?

If you need help with your projects, technology architecture or team. Feel free to reach out.

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