I'm not technical. Is this site for me?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

This site is for entrepreneurs and department heads, that are struggling with their software development teams. This will help you manage and lead your team to start delivering quality work on time. It will also help increase visibility into the ongoings of the team . Lastly, help you evaluate if you have chosen the right team.

While I will be writing about software development teams. I will not be discussing how to write code or any other intrinsically technical topics. I will be approaching this from a human/business perspective. Both the technical and non-technical readers should have no problem understanding and implementing.

I've been developing software and managing teams for over two decades. I have 4 successful startups under my belt worth millions. I've learned how to build companies with a very lean composition (literally started from my garage) without compromising quality.

Needless to say, I've learned how to stretch a dollar and bring the most return on my investment into engineering teams. A team of developers can suck a company dry of all its resources without even knowing it. The problem is developers tend to think coding is the goal, not the tool. Not understanding why they are developing is a problem.

I hope this site will address common mistakes that are made when building and managing software development teams and help the reader achieve greatness without becoming a CTO. If you are a CTO, then I hope this helps fine-tune your system to maximize your team's potential.

Finally, I hope this serves you and your team in educating you on best practices. Furthermore, I hope it becomes a checklist tool that allows you to constantly reevaluate and adjust your process.

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