Master Managing Remote Teams - Local or International project management

Being able to manage remote work and remote teams is more important than ever. Unfortunate Current Events



International teams

Daniel Hindi explains HOW TO MASTER REMOTE TEAMS

So why are remote teams not our go-to strategy when hiring a workforce? I've been dealing with at least a mix of local and remote workforce my entire career so I can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of what I found.

Performance / Focus



Misaligned Vision

The problem is your process The truth of the matter is these are all signs of a vulnerable process that relies too heavily on the environment to self-correct. “Is John working?” All I have to do is look over to his desk What is John working on? All I have to do is look over John's shoulder However we all know just because you're at your desk and have a spreadsheet up on this case code doesn't mean you're actually working or at least not working effectively

I know this problem. I live this problem. I've solved this problem. Through experimentation research and reading a ton of books I figured out what works best for me and guess what it probably works best for you to

I get asked all the time how do you manage so many developers that are thousands of miles away many of which you've never met personally and still get results? And if you see my other videos you know I always talk about the golden ratio of local resources versus remote resources and to be clear I do encourage a mixture of both however we don't always have that luxury. So where do we begin addressing this issue?

1-It Starts with you Yes you Good thing is that you’re already watching this video Own this initiative Discipline for your team starts with you You need to start being Punctual. Start and End meetings on time. Hold up the process

2- Communication Slack, Skype, whatever Remember the part where I mentioned we rely on our environment? Why do we have open office concepts? Its for the Serendipitous information that happens by being on close proximity to others Others are people, not “Resources” All hands meetings Alignment on mission and vision Inter-Department communication Visibility to your efforts end to end

3- Process Do you need a process that encourages productivity transparency and accountability Agile Daily Standups Standardize, Ritualize, Optimize Don’t reward hard work with more hard work Autonomy Accountability Clear and measurable results (SMART) Retrospectives Team Spirit: Win together and lose together

4- Coaching It's so easy to forget to nurture your team and coach them individually when you don't see them face-to-face every day One one One coaching What did you do well What can you improve Pillars of success Challenge them Acknowledgment

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