Those who do and those who don't

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Make Every Day Matter

Let me be upfront with you. I’m not a genius. If I am, then we live in a sad world. What I do have is an impeccable work ethic. I get out of bed every morning with the mindset that today is going to matter. If each passing day doesn't strategically place you in a better position in life, then it was a waste. That doesn’t mean you burn yourself out. It just means that each day needs to incrementally put you in a better position. Some days might include finishing something on your plate that’s been sitting there too long. Other days may be shining in a meeting or taking that well-deserved vacation to recharge and reconnect. But every day must matter.

At the end of every day, you should take a quick review of why today mattered—use a journal if writing helps you—and create a plan for what to tackle tomorrow. While this may be a hard habit to establish, rest assured, it will be the catalyst you need to boost your life and career for the better. You’ll find other positive habits begin to follow: You won’t be watching mindless television as much and, when you do, you’ll watch content that is informative. Yes, you may have a show that is your “guilty pleasure” but even that becomes strategic when you need to unplug for a while.

Once you have mastered the small things, you’ll be ready to tackle the bigger items head-on. No more just talking about your big idea. You get up off the couch and get it done! You’ll be surprised how much easier progress becomes once you actually start. It’s like working out—the hardest part is getting to the gym.

Don’t be late!

The most important habit you need to pick up is: “Don’t be late.” This will be much easier once you’ve adjusted your daily routine and developed the habit of getting things done on time. I know it sounds simple. But the resulting impact of this habit is massive.

Unless a job candidate faces a life-altering event, I won’t hire that person if he or she were even a minute late to the interview. Being late tells me that not only do you have bad habits that will bleed into your job while you work with me but that you also don’t respect other people’s time.

Sometimes this problem is systemic. If you work for a company where every meeting is 15 minutes late to start, thus causing every other meeting to be postponed. You’ll find bad habits festering throughout the company, causing standards to fall and team spirit to diminish. You can tell by how much blame is passed around at the next failed deadline.

My meetings start at the top of the hour. Not a minute before and not a minute after.

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